Next Heavy Chef session in Johannesburg: 28 April

The next Heavy Chef session will be taking place in Johannesburg on Wednesday 28 April 2010. These sessions are always informative, as well as a great opportunity to meet people working in the digital marketing industry.
Here are the details, straight from the Heavy Chefs themselves:

Imagine being able to view two versions of the world around you. In the first world, things are pretty much as you‘ve always known them to be. The birds around you are tweeting; neon billboards are blinking aimlessly. Don your Augmented Reality glasses and an entirely different scenario takes place. Suddenly, the people around you are tweeting (Twitter messages are magically appearing above them in virtual bubbles); and neon billboards are blinking interactively (reach up and point to gain further information).
Sound far-fetched? Actually, this second world is not too far off. More than any other channel at the moment, Augmented Reality has the marketing world in a spin. In April‘s Heavy Chef Session, we‘re joined by internationally renowned speaker and entrepreneur, Rich Mulholland from Missing Link . On the eve of Wednesday 28th April, Rich will unpack the growing convergence between the real world and a digitally-enhanced world filled with opportunity.
Venue: Building 33, Deloitte Place, The Woodlands, 20 Woodlands Drive, Woodmead, Johannesburg
Date: Wednesday 28 April 2010
Time: 6 for 6:30pm ““ 8:30pm

There are 100 seats available, and they usually go fast. To book your spot, email Yolandi or call 0861 932 226.