WPT Texas Holdem For iPhone

Poker apps have already been a big hit for the iPhone and the action looks to heat up even further with the release of World Poker Tour Texas Hold’em for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you’re a fan of the WPT televised poker broadcasts you’ll be immediately right at home with the World Poker Tour Texas Hold’em app, as it includes the voice of announcer Mike Sexton and familiar avatars of famous players at the poker table.
One cool feature of WPT Texas Hold’em is that it features different gameplay modes that let you play alone against computer opponents or in multi-player mode, just like you’re playing online poker. You get the best of both worlds, playing solo when you want but also jumping into multi-player games on their dedicated poker network,where other mobile users or gamers at desktop PCs can join in on the fun. That’s a pretty unique feature for a poker game, as most existing apps are either one or the other, as far as emphasizing solo play or only providing multi-player action on a network.
As far as the gameplay, it’s pretty straight forward and simple, as you can muck your cards by flicking the touch screen and elect your betsizes by using a sliding virtual wheel. The menus to access various parts of the game are intuitive and easy to use, and audio clips from Mike Sexton make you feel like you’re playing at a WPT final table yourself. You can play various types of tournaments in both solo and multi-player, choosing betwen either No Limit or Pot Limit Texas Hold’em, get the game here.