Twitter Needs to Work on Security Issues, Or Else …

Twitter has undoubtedly taken the social networking by a storm but what could cloud its future are security concerns — and for the last few days it’s been really difficult to keep track of the number of problems Twitter has faced. From user accounts, to admin accounts, Google Docs or Google Apps, everything related to Twitter is getting busted.
It’s time for Twitter to cater to each of these security problems, individually.
A month back, a Twitter administrative employee’s personal and email account has been hacked. Since then, there have been security audits and Twitter has reminded everyone of the important personal safety guidelines.
Interestingly however, the company is blaming web applications yet advises for strong password to stay away from such problems.
Concerning the latest stolen documents, Twitter is arrogant, and believes that even if everything goes public in there, it will hardly make any kind of a difference. Twitter is already seeking legal counseling to handle those who hacked the documents and the ones who intend to publish them.
We’ll keep all these in perspective, it is still visible that there is a major problem with the security that needs to be addressed quickly or we’ll start seeing adverse affects.
[via TechCrunch]