Going strong: Facebook moves towards its 200 millionth active user

Say what you want about Mark Zuckerberg, the boy wonder is still a very successful entrepreneur who has started a bit of a revolution in online social networking. However irrespective of how people often try to downplay his assets, everything is going strong with Facebook is all set to invite on board its 200 millionth active user. An achievement to be proud of.
Making a statement in this regard, Zuckerberg stated how he dreamed of creating an opportunity for people to share information, news and views in a richer and faster way when he founded Facebook back in 2004. And the fact that it has been embraced so quickly only shows how millions across the world (3%) are still searching for a medium to voice their concerns.
Zuckerberg also remarks that Facebook has played an instrumental role in campaigns of both U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy, and believes that more such social revolutions will be born from this platform.
What is interesting to note though is how he tries to plug-in the “Gift Shop” on Facebook and makes sure to state that the money is going all for charity and that they won’t keep absolutely nothing from it. Let‘s just hope Mark has a solid plan when it comes to taking Facebook on the next financial level and make it as much of a success on that front as well. [via Facebook]