Creating a buffer: Twitter raises an additional $35 million in funding

How in the world is Twitter ever going to make money out of what’s on offer right now? Well those thinking like this seem to be an outnumbered minority compared to the vast majority which is showing faith in the popular micro-blogging tool.


Image courtesy of yatenkaiouh

Twitter has managed to raise (once again) more venture capital funding – $35 million from Benchmark Capital and Institutional Venture Partners. This adds significantly to the $15 million and the $5.2 million that they previously got. The new funding round puts values Twitter at around $250 million and as the minds behind the blogging phenomenon chalk out their plan to generate revenue, the additional ‘green’ in the bank gives them some sweet extra time to start generating revenue.
On their blog Twitter has already assured users, investors and others who are interested, that they still possess good chunks of cash from their previous deals, which only makes the company stronger and more vibrant (who wouldn’t want cash when you can see economies being slammed down to the ground?).
Twitter has been assuring everyone (since long) that a business model is indeed being crafted and while that still is being fine tuned under the wraps, it sure seems that there is plenty of time for it to be put in place.