Stuck in the web: Teens Spend a LOT of Time Online

We are indeed addicted to the Internet and the varied delights it offers to us, but how many hours does the average teen (on whose shoulders the future of this nation ‘supposedly’ lies) spend on the web each week?
A British research group – the Cybersentinel, has surveyed that the American teen spends a good 31 ours each week online.
Now, that may not be a whole lot if you are someone whose profession demands you to sit in front of your desktop/notebook, but this is just someone spending 4.4 hours/day surfing sites, messaging buddies, watching YouTube and of course taking a “good” look at porn.
According to the numbers, teens spend 3.5 hours a week instant messaging their friends, two hours on YouTube, three hours a week on homework help and an hour and forty minutes a week, on porn! That seems to be plenty of time away from books one could read, places they could visit or classes they could take.
On the flip side that could even be time which would otherwise be spent on mindless TV. So whether you love it or not, the American teen is hooked to the net and for the better or worse that will be a trend that will continue to grow. So, where do you stand in comparison?
Image by streetlife