Windows 7 Beta: Good or Bad?

Though Vista is much more stable than the Windows XP Pro, many people decided to ditch it because it’s a resource hog like no other. But in the meantime, MSFT has been working hard on Windows 7 which is now in Beta mode. Renai LeMay of ZDnet Australia got a look at the new OS and the first impressions are pretty good.
Windows 7 is built on Vista’s strengths and managed to get the flaws taken care of, but it’s still far from being perfect. Faster, running simultaneous applications better than its predecessors, with photo-realistic device icons and an accent on security (they advise for a 3rd party antivirus like AVG or Kaspersky), it has much more of that nebulous “Windows XP feel” than Vista ever did.
It sure looks like Microsoft spent a great deal of time to please customers and if the final version is going to be like the first impressions, Windows 7 is going to be the next XP when it comes to sales and customer satisfaction.