The Times Online, Adgator's First Advertiser

Using the Afrigator blogging platform, Adgator – Africa’s first blog ad network, plans on becoming market leader for blog advertising throughout the continent. Launched in November 2008 as a solution for bloggers to make money from blogging, Adgator is first being rolled out in South Africa, while in 2009 every African blogger should have access to it.
Running on some 150 top African blogs, Adgator just announced that they managed to secure their first contract with an advertiser – The Times Online. Embracing the digital world, The Times has seen the potential, hence choosing to be the first to reach more than 1.7 million unique users, in November 2008.
With such a great name on the advertisers list, we’re pretty sure more high quality companies will embrace the digital world to present their products and for Africa, Adgator seems to be the best solution.