Afrigator announces Adgator

Afrigator Internet today announced the launch of Adgator, Africa‘s first blog ad network tailored specifically for South Africa. The Adgator network is aimed at helping advertisers get in to the conversation while offering bloggers the chance to earn money from their sites.
Justin Hartman, MD of Afrigator, said that “œthe Adgator network is a way for advertisers to reach thousands of South Africa‘s top bloggers and blog readers.“
“œOur simple but powerful system allows an advertiser to serve relevant and targeted advertising on a blogger‘s site and collectively Adgator has a reach of more than 1.7 million unique readers – making it as powerful as News24 in terms of audience reach.“
Relevance is the key
One of the key features of Adgator is the ability to serve the right ad to the right readers. Hartman adds that “œwe have identified the primary focus of our bloggers‘ content, and as such, we can serve ads relevant to what they write about. This means that when readers arrive at the site, the ad actually makes sense. No more wasted impressions, no more deaf ears.“
Generous Revenue Sharing
Revenue earned on the Adgator network is shared straight down the middle with bloggers. Adgator is offering bloggers an unprecedented 50 percent revenue share deal, so that bloggers can see real value from their sites.
“œOur aim with Adgator is to be as transparent as possible and all blog owners will have their own access to our system so they can track their earnings in real time. In our reporting we break down cost, revenue share and total income so the blogger knows exactly who‘s getting what.“ says Hartman.
Value is the key
Hartman concludes that “œas an advertiser or media planner the value proposition is easy to quantify. Without realising it at the time Afrigator has been indexing, filtering, categorising and profiling blogs in a way that is perfectly tailored for this business model. Instead of just throwing a banner up on a major traffic website we can now offer real, targeted advertising to markets and audiences that fit an advertisers‘ needs perfectly.“