3G iPhone Application bundle

Warning – This is a scam – Read on to be informed
The internet and whole world is buzzing over the 3G iPhone, and many software developers are directing their attention in creating applications for the 3G iphone. This a cleaver move from their part as there’s a lot of hype and business in the application market. I stumbled upon a great application or more so, a application bundle offered by iphoneapps.org.
This is a great all in one bundle with some of the most useful apps I have seen. For example, the bundle offers a a video camera app, for many iPhone customers the lack of this function was a great disappointment. However, now you can record video footage of any length and upload them directly to Youtube and many other video sharing websites across the internet.
The bundle comes with 10 interesting and useful applications such as Customization, SNES (With over 1000 of your favorite SNES games), screenshot, Video recorder, Instant messenger, MMS, ringtones, Youtube downloader, books and VNC.
3g iphone apps