Google Buys Digg (again?) and What Would Happen If True!

The case with Google buying Digg is in the media once again. Apparently the Mountain View company is in ‘final negotiations‘ with the social-news site for an amount that shouldn’t be less than $200 million.
Google Digg dealThe TechCrunch article that stirred things up, is not unveiling their sources, so knowing that it didn’t happen the first time they reported (in March)  and the fact that this whole deal won’t happen for a few weeks, I’m really cautious this time. I’m sure Google is interested in buying a solution for Yahoo’s Buzz and wants to get their hands on the advertising deal Digg has with MSN, but there’s a long way to selling.
But what if the whole deal turns out to be true? What will happen to the Digg community if there will be a new owner and new staff to take care of the submissions and the front pages. Would you be disturbed? Would there be any changes on the site?
If a survey were to be made, Digg users would definitely choose Google over MSN to be the new owners, but what if the Digg technology would be integrated in google news and digg itself will end up as a side show to voting algorithms in search and news. Isn’t that what the Digg/Reddit revolution was all about when these sites released?
I honestly think that Google won’t do anything hars to make the users go away; they need the pageviews so they’ll please everyone. If it’s someone to make wrong turns it’s the Digg crew as we know it right now.
What do you guys think?