Zude raises $5.3 million, but for what?

I’ve just heard that Zude “an enabling technology that allows even novice web users to create and control their own web pages” managed to raise $5.3 million from Irwin Lieber and Barry Rubenstein of Wheatley Partners, Persistency Capital and Gund Investment, LLC.
You may probably ask, just like me why they did it, because $5.3 million for a website that Alexa ranks as 228,000 may not be that good for those investors. The money will be used for product development that include new tools and growing the user base but is it me, or they’re trying to be a better Netvibes?
It’s a truly web 2.0 company, I’ll have to agree but claiming to bring all your social networks in one place, consolidate your web, share photos and experiences could be to much. I’m just an inch away of putting it in the dead pool but I’ll have to wait for the signs to confirm. Meanwhile, tell us your experience with Zude, if you had any.