New blogging platform Profy launches alpha

Web 2.0 blogging platform Profy announced the Alpha launch of their service today. Profy combines a WYSIWYG text editor with a feed reader and a social network. A dashboard on the start page shows your posting activity, feed items, reader‘s comments on your blog, and instant messages from other site users. You can read your blog feeds, write posts, find out what other Profy bloggers and commenters are reading in their feed readers (like sharing in Google Reader). If you don‘t have visual editing skills there are tons of templates and layouts you can choose to style your blog.

Profy‘s vision is to provide single, comprehensive seamless access and friendly navigation for the many stages of the blogging process ““ news reading, sharing selected news stories with a group of readers, writing posts and publishing them, discussing posts with readers, and communicating with readers on other topics.

Profy will aim to compete with tools like Squarespace rather than WordPress or MoveableType.