Justin.tv has opened its network, which means that anyone can now use its platform for broadcasting live video across the web. With its partnership with On2 Technologies, you can create your own Justin.tv experience. As a user you‘ll get a personalized channel page, where you can customize the header, background, add widgets, etc.
As with most webcam communities, you can post a schedule of your upcoming shows and events. What hasn‘t caught on with all webcam networks however is the ability to embed live video, which is a feature now offered on Justin.tv. This is something that will gain steam over the next year.
This move has been expected since the initial launching of Justin.tv, and it‘s finally arrived. The next steps? Well, we‘ve seen a growing trend of premium content being streamed live to other networks like Ustream. I imagine this ongoing merging of premium and amateur content in the online market will continue through to the webcam world.
[Via Mashable]