You can now make late pledges on Kickstarter

Great news for crowdfunding enthusiasts! Kickstarter has unveiled a suite of features designed to streamline the experience for both creators and backers.

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Say goodbye to campaign FOMO. With the aptly named “Late Pledge” feature, you can now support a project even after it reaches its funding goal. This pilot program, initially available only to successful creators, has proven wildly successful, generating an additional 35% in funding on average, according to TechCrunch.  Late Pledge is now rolling out to all creators worldwide, ensuring backers won’t have to resort to third-party platforms to show their support.

Kickstarter understands the importance of effective promotion. To empower creators, they’ve launched an in-house marketing unit offering comprehensive support.  This team provides “creative services and pre-launch marketing support to ad measurement and execution,” according to Kickstarter.  The beta phase of this program has already helped creators raise an impressive $1 million in additional pledges.

Kickstarter’s commitment to streamlining the crowdfunding process extends beyond marketing. They’ve unveiled a more robust survey tool designed to simplify reward fulfilment, ensuring backers receive their perks smoothly. Additionally, backers can soon look forward to paying for shipping and taxes directly through the mobile app, eliminating unnecessary steps.

These exciting developments underscore Kickstarter’s dedication to fostering a thriving crowdfunding ecosystem. Backers gain more flexibility and creators have access to valuable resources, paving the way for even more successful project launches.