New Mitsubishi bakkies will be Starlink enabled

According to Motor1, Mitsubishi is gearing up to unveil enhancements to its L200 Triton Sport bakkie, including factory preparation for Starlink technology. The Japanese automaker is expected to introduce these updates at the upcoming Agrishow event in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, scheduled for next week.

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Initially, the new features will be showcased on the Savana variant but will eventually be rolled out across all options manufactured in Brazil. Mitsubishi launched the 2024 L200 Triton in January 2024, following its announcement six months prior.

Starlink, developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, is a satellite Internet constellation operating in low-Earth orbit, providing high-speed broadband connections. Thanks to its extensive satellite coverage, Starlink ensures connectivity even in remote areas where traditional networks may be unavailable.

Starlink Roam, a satellite service for vehicles in motion, was introduced in 2022, utilizing a portable dish called the Flat High-Performance Starlink unit. However, it requires stationary positioning for connectivity.

Starlink clarified that the hardware is designed for permanent installation on vehicles and is built to withstand harsh environments. Currently, these dishes are retailing for around R50,000.

Motor1 notes that Mitsubishi will factory prep the vehicles for Starlink technology, aiming to mitigate potential issues and streamline installation by third-party vendors. This preparation is also intended to preserve the vehicle’s factory warranty.

In addition to RV service options, Starlink offers fixed services for residential and commercial use, as well as mobile services tailored for marine vessels and aircraft.