Google could be adding its Gemini AI to Gmail soon

Eagle-eyed users have uncovered clues hinting at the imminent launch of Google’s AI assistant, Gemini, on Android mobile apps. The first sign? Gmail integration offering email summaries powered by Gemini’s AI prowess.

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Android Authority first reported the discovery – Gemini lurking in the backend code of the Android Gmail app. A resourceful user, using some coding tricks, was able to activate the hidden feature, revealing a fully functional email summarization tool.

This hidden gem suggests an official rollout could be right around the corner, possibly timed for Google’s upcoming I/O event on May 14th, 2024.  It also hints at a potential broader rollout of Gemini’s AI capabilities across the entire Google app ecosystem – a sneak peek of what’s to come at I/O.

So, how will Gemini assist us in Gmail? Look for a new “Summarize this email” button appearing below the email subject line. Tapping it will launch a mini-window where Gemini reads and condenses the email’s key points. This feature is a potential lifesaver for anyone drowning in a sea of lengthy emails.

And to make Gemini even smarter, users can rate the summaries, helping the AI improve its accuracy over time. As Google previously announced, similar integrations with Gemini are planned for other popular apps like Photos, Maps, and Google Docs.

However, Google’s cautious approach to AI rollout raises questions.  The company treads carefully,  wary of unleashing powerful AI tools on its massive user base before they’re fully optimized.

In February, Google was forced to temporarily disable Gemini’s image generation feature. Users discovered a bias – images of people seemed to lack racial diversity, often excluding Caucasians. This issue sparked outrage, with Elon Musk calling it “extremely alarming!”

With email summarization on the horizon, the wait for a broader Gemini rollout across Google apps continues. While the initial focus is on combating information overload, Gemini’s potential to enhance our mobile experience is undeniable. Here’s hoping Google strikes the right balance between caution and innovation, ensuring a smooth and inclusive user experience with its powerful AI assistant.