Bandwidth Blog & Smile 90.4FM Tech Tuesday: Cargo Ships with Sails!

A groundbreaking cargo ship, boasting sails soaring as high as 10-story buildings, has commenced its inaugural voyage, heralding a new era. The Pyxis Ocean vessel embarks on a crucial mission: to trial WindWings sails, ingenious creations that harness the age-old power of air to dramatically curtail fuel consumption and carbon emissions in the shipping sector. Envisioned to potentially slash cargo ship carbon emissions by 30%, this innovation aligns with the industry’s formidable aim of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Coupling WindWings with alternative fuels could drive even greater reductions.

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In this week’s Tech Tuesday segment on Smile 90.4FM we discuss the how embracing old technology could help cargo ships become high tech.

Listen down below.