Mercedes-Benz will make a smaller G-Class EV

Mercedes-Benz is embarking on the development of a more budget-friendly counterpart to its highly anticipated all-electric G-Class SUV. This smaller and more affordable electric vehicle (EV) inspired by the iconic G-Wagon was officially confirmed at the IAA Mobility 2023 event in Munich. Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kallenius characterized this EV as the “baby” G-Class and emphasized that it would offer an enjoyable driving experience.

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This project is an offshoot of the G-Class EQG concept initially introduced at IAA Mobility 2021. Mercedes-Benz has been contemplating the creation of a smaller all-electric G-Wagon for several years. The new variant may be branded as the “g-Class,” employing a purposeful lowercase “g.” Kallenius, in an interview with CNBC, likened the vehicle to the “daughter or son of the big-G.”

While specific details are currently limited, the EV is expected to utilize a purely electric powertrain and likely feature all-wheel drive, aligning with Kallenius’s assurance that it will offer an enjoyable driving experience. Regarding affordability, the starting price for a new Mercedes G-Class SUV is around $140,000, making it relatively easier for the smaller G-Class EV to enter the market at a lower price point. However, to achieve widespread adoption, a price range in the vicinity of $100,000 to $120,000 may be necessary. The actual pricing structure remains undisclosed.

Prospective buyers will have to exercise patience as it will be some time before they can experience this compact marvel firsthand. The vehicle’s powertrain is expected to be based on the forthcoming MB.EA platform, Mercedes’ proprietary battery technology. This platform is not anticipated to be integrated into vehicles until 2025, suggesting that the smaller and more affordable G-Class EV may not make its debut until at least 2026.