Google has leaked the Pixel 8 Pro, again

For those who still had lingering questions about the appearance of the Pixel 8 Pro, Google has stepped in to provide answers. The tech giant has unveiled a 360-degree simulator that enables users to rotate the device from back to front and top to bottom. This interactive tool includes informative indicators highlighting the locations of various sensors and ports. Furthermore, the simulator showcases the Pixel 8 Pro in three distinct colours and confirms the addition of a new temperature sensor on the back, adjacent to the camera array.

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The discovery of this simulator was made by José Rubén and subsequently emphasized by Mishaal Rahman, both of whom shared their findings on X. While Google hasn’t officially published a link to the website, accessing it is as simple as appending the new phone’s name to the URL of Google’s existing Pixel simulators. Presumably, the simulator was prematurely made accessible, and an inquisitive user stumbled upon it while exploring.

It’s worth noting that the simulator does not provide specific technical specifications, leaving room for further Pixel leaks in the upcoming month. Additionally, the simulator for the standard Pixel 8 has yet to make an appearance.

Google’s simulated representations reaffirm the inclusion of a SIM card slot in the Pixel 8 Pro. The smartphone is depicted in three colour variants: a subtle pale blue, a sandy “porcelain,” and a classic black. Notably, there don’t appear to be any substantial software alterations on the home screen, as the mock-ups showcase Google’s familiar colour-coordinated widgets and the traditional “at a glance” widget.

Prior to this, Google had previously leaked a photograph of the Pixel 8 Pro in porcelain and shared a demonstration video elucidating the functionality of its temperature sensor. The company has scheduled an event for October 4th to officially unveil the new phones.