Bandwidth Blog & Smile 90.4FM Tech Tuesday: India lands on the Moon!

India has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in space exploration, marking history on multiple fronts. The Vikram lander of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has accomplished a successful lunar landing, signifying India’s inaugural achievement in landing on the moon’s surface. This accomplishment places India in the distinguished company of the Soviet Union, the US, and China, as only the fourth nation to achieve this feat. Moreover, India’s achievement holds unique significance as it marks the first successful landing near the Moon’s south pole—a challenging objective due to the rugged terrain and a critical pursuit for locating water ice, unlike previous landings that occurred near the equator.

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In this week’s Tech Tuesday segment on Smile 90.4FM we discuss the historic moon landing of the Vikram spacecraft and the significance of its location.

Listen down below.