Google Keep receiving some major upgrades

Google Keep users on Android have reason to celebrate as the app is finally receiving a long-awaited feature: text formatting options. Google recently announced that the ability to format text with features like bold and italics is currently being rolled out, providing a much-needed enhancement to the note-taking application.

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While the addition of these formatting tools might not be groundbreaking innovations, they are certainly a valuable and overdue inclusion. Google’s renewed focus on Keep is apparent, as the app has seen recent improvements such as a new homescreen widget and the capability to open multiple Keep windows simultaneously. Moreover, Google is gradually introducing a version history feature, enabling users to track changes made to their notes over time.

Keep is recognized as an excellent note-taking app that boasts speed, availability across Android, iOS, and the web, and a blend of simplicity and clever functionality. The app can automatically transform a pasted link into a rich preview, displaying its content clearly. Short notes resemble digital Post-it notes, while longer entries adopt a more document-like appearance. Keep accommodates drawings, audio recordings, and reminders. Given its Google affiliation, all notes are searchable and conveniently accessible within various other Google products’ sidebars.

However, Keep’s future has been a topic of uncertainty. Despite its strengths, the app has received minimal attention and updates. With its 10th anniversary approaching, this formatting addition stands as one of the most significant updates in its history. Unlike other Google products, Keep hasn’t been the subject of grand presentations at developer conferences, fueling concerns that Google might discontinue the app in line with its previous cost-saving measures. While Keep outperforms Google Docs in various aspects, the latter’s perceived longevity raises questions about Keep’s sustainability.

In light of these concerns, it’s reassuring to witness Google’s continued investment in Keep, a trend also noticed with the renewed focus on Tasks this year. However, users hope for further integration between the two, such as displaying Keep reminders within Tasks. The upcoming text formatting features are expected to be introduced for the web and iOS platforms as well, enhancing Keep’s potency without compromising its straightforward interface.

Despite its uncertain future, Keep remains a top-tier note-taking app on Android and across platforms. Google’s continued attention to the app is a positive sign for its users, and many are hopeful that Keep will maintain its status as an exceptional note-taking tool.