Apple increases iCloud prices in South Africa

Apple has implemented price increases for iCloud subscriptions in South Africa, despite the downward trend in storage costs. The 200GB tier now costs R60 per month, reflecting a 13% increase from the previous price of R45. Similarly, the 2TB tier has seen a significant jump of 33%, rising from R150 to R200 per month. However, the pricing for the 50GB tier remains unchanged at R15 per month, and the free 5GB plan remains free for Apple users.

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Apple has not provided an official statement regarding the price increases, leaving users to speculate on the reasons behind them. Similar increases have been imposed in various countries worldwide, but the specific factors influencing these changes remain unclear. One potential contributing factor could be the significant depreciation of the South African rand against the US dollar and euro in recent months.

This price adjustment follows Apple’s previous price increases for its streaming services, Apple TV+ and Apple Music, which took place in October. Apple TV+ experienced a 47% increase, while Apple Music saw a 16.7% rise in prices. These adjustments were also implemented in the United States.

Comparatively, the new pricing for iCloud subscriptions positions it as more expensive than Google’s cloud storage offerings. South Africa is not the only market to receive a price increase, as iCloud costs have also risen in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. For instance, Google offers the 2TB tier at a price that is R40 per month cheaper than iCloud.

While the exact reasons behind these pricing changes remain speculative, users in South Africa now face higher costs for their iCloud subscriptions, making it necessary to consider alternative storage options available in the market.