The best Secret Santa Android apps

Nowadays it’s no surprise that there are apps for almost everything including Secret Santa and there are a couple of Android ones for you to check out. Secret Santa is mostly popular with various workplaces, family members and big groups of friends due to being an affordable way to make sure everyone gets a gift. Whatever your reason is for setting up a Secret Santa, exchanging gifts anonymously is fun but setting it all up is hard work. Our friends at TCL have shared a couple of smartphone tools and apps to help you organise your Secret Santa gift exchange.

1.       Secret Santa 22

This app makes organising your Christmas gift exchange with your friends and family really easy. You can create a new group, entering details such as the gift delivery date, the fixed budget, and a message, like conditions or anything you want to tell your friends. You can add the participants using their email or sharing the group code on your favourite social network, email, or SMS.

2.       Secret Santa Organizer

This website is a free online Secret Santa gift exchange organiser. You won’t have to deal with all the pre-organising yourself. You just fill in the blanks and the Secret Santa generator does all the work. After receiving the Secret Santa mail, you can add your own wishlist, which will be delivered to your Secret Santa.

3.       Giftster

Giftster makes your whole family’s gift giving experiences more fun and less stressful. Invite family members to join a private group you create, where everyone can view and shop each other’s wish lists all in one place. Participants can mark things purchased to avoid duplicate gifts. Gift status is hidden from the list maker, to keep the surprise.

4.       DrawNames

Set up your Secret Santa gift exchange within minutes with the DrawNames Secret Santa generator. Simply create a group, set a budget and date, set exclusions, and invite your friends, family, classmates or colleagues to draw names. Each group member can make and share a personal wish list.

5.       Simple Secret Santa Generator

Simple Secret Santa Generator is another easy way to send out your secret Santa list this holiday season. You can specify the rules of your Secret Santa gift exchange, distribute Secret Santa via email or phone number, block specific participants from matching with each other, and see reminders of who you are buying a present for.

6.       Santa’s Secret Keeper

Santa’s Secret Keeper matches Secret Santas for you so everyone can participate (spoiler free!). Create your Secret Santa gift exchange for family, friends, or co-workers. It’s fast and easy to add all participants, add details (price range, instructions, etc) and ask the app to do the rest. Each participant will get an email with the details and the name of who they are getting a gift for.

7.       Elfster

Elfster is a fast, fun Secret Santa generator and gift exchange planner that’s perfect for any event or holiday celebration. Want to know what gifts are hot? Browse wish lists and shopping trends to see what people are asking for. Elfster even creates curated gift guides for your next gift ideas. You can add gifts from your favourite websites, add photo wishes, or shop top stores in your chosen categories.