LG’s last smartphones have reportedly rolled off the production line

Earlier this year, South Korean marque LG prepared to make a ‘cold judgement’ on the future of its smartphone business, and later decided to finally exit the mobile market for good. According to reports, the brand has now reportedly wound down its production lines.

As of today, according to Asia Business Daily, the brand will begin converting one of its Vietnamese factories into a household appliance production line. Ironically, many of the brand’s innovations in that realm came to power some of its smartphones – case in point, the early LG G3’s laser autofocus originally belonged to a vacuum cleaner.

LG had previously confirmed that it would seek to close its mobile division by July this year, and the brand endeavoured to retain its employees and transfer them to other corporate divisions.

The marque further promised that consumers purchasing its smartphones could expect to receive up to three years worth of Android updates and four years of after-sales support. Apparently, the brand further sold some of its unreleased Velvet 2 Pro and Rollable smartphones to its employees.

The move marks a sad, yet unsurprising end for the company – while the brand released some excellent smartphones, it never achieved the same clout as some of its domestic rivals.

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