Vodacom cuts prices of prepaid data bundles

As competition increases, telcos are under more pressure to drop the prices of their data packages (not to mention the pressure from regulation). To remain competitive, Vodacom is reducing pricing on selected 30-day data bundles by up to 14% as part of its “commitment to reduce the cost to communicate and connect more people to the digital economy”.

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The smaller the package, the larger the proportional decrease in price. The latest price reduction includes a 14% price cut – from R99 to R85 – on the popular 1GB data bundle. The 150MB bundle has also been increased to 200MB at no additional cost.

“For the past four years, we have remained relentless and consistent in our approach to democratise access by bringing about affordable mobile prices. Our aim in reducing these prices is to ensure customers are constantly connected on SA’s leading network. Our purpose is to connect for a better future and ensure that no one is left behind in this new digital age. It is one of the most critical ways we believe we can create a more equal society for all,” says Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Vodacom’s Consumer Business.

“In our journey towards becoming a leading Pan African technology company, we will not stop until everyone is connected, as it is part of creating a sustainable, inclusive digital society. As a purpose-led organisation, the voice of our customer is important to us, as such we have reintroduced certain bundles to meet the customer demand so we can go further together,” added Mendes.

New AllocationOld AllocationNew PriceOld PricePrice change
50MBR12R12No price change
200MB150MBR29R2933% value increase
350MB325MBR49R558% value increase, 11% price reduction
500MBR69R7913% price reduction
1GBR85R9914% price reduction
2GBNew BundleR159New Bundle
3GBR229R229No price change
5GBR349R349No price change
10GBR469R469No price change
20GBR699R699No price change

Vodacom says that there are still barriers to communication in South Africa and lowering the prices of data several times over the last two years is a part of its commitment to overcome this barrier.