Google officially launches the new Google Pixel 5

It is that time of the year – the new Google Pixel 5 has officially been launched. As always, it is Google’s showcase of the best of Android, melding a beautiful software experience with dedicated hardware.

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As we expected, this time around Google is focusing less on revolutionary new technology. They have rather focused on what makes a Pixel special and have delivered it at a very competitive price. Camera software, as always, comes to the fore with the new Pixel 5. They have also added features like wireless charging (and reverse wireless charging) and has rated water resistance (IP68) for the first time.

This is the first year where Google has decided not to put the best possible silicon in its flagship Android device. We’re not getting the Snapdragon 865 or 865+ that can be found in all other Android flagships in 2020, rather opting for the Snapdragon 765G, which includes an integrated X52 modem for 5G connectivity. Of course, this means Google can offer the Pixel 5 at a much lower price than it could otherwise.

It has a modest 1080p display panel, coming in at 6-inches in size. It has the now common 19.5:9 aspect ratio and a much requested 90Hz refresh rate. There is a small hole-punch selfie camera in the top left corner, luckily foregoing the massive notch and chins from the years past.

Other specs include 8GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a 4080mAh battery, IP68 waterproofing, and 18W USB-C fast charging. The new Pixel 5 will also support both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G, which means that it should work with almost any major 5G network.

The standout software of the Pixel range has always come in the form of the cameras, and it is no different this time. Once again, the new Pixel has two cameras on the back. The main shooter is a 12MP camera with both optical and electronic image stabilization; not that much different than last year. The second camera is a new 16MP ultrawide that shoots at a wider 107 degree field of view. We assume its photo quality will still be exemplary, but we’ll need to confirm in the hand.

The new Pixel 5 is cheaper than its predecessor; not something we see very often. It will start at $699, with more expensive variants available with more storage.