Sony Music launches unique Artist Portal for its artists

Sony Music Entertainment Africa has announced a unique Artist Portal that allows artists to view their real time earnings and cash out. Like most industries, the music industry has also been impacted by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and in as much as they’re usually seen as individual entities in the public eye, they’re also businesses in their own right.

Most music artists make the bulk of their revenue through physical music concerts and with that effectively ruled out (at the moment at least) their options are limited. Artists need immediate access to funds, and that’s where the Artist Portal from Sony comes in. The Real Time Earnings element of it is available anytime, anywhere and provides artists with immediate updates about their global earnings and account balances. All of that while also giving them further and faster insights into their earnings trends.

“The high level of transparency and efficiency in these tools is aimed at making doing business between us clearer, faster, simpler and more direct for our artists and partners and it comes at a time when we all need as much of that as we can get.” says Sean Watson, Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

Providing reporting on daily consumption patterns enabling artists to better know their fanbase, the Sony Music Artist Portal allows artists exclusive access to various functions such as performance data and insights from digital services like Apple Music and Spotify.

The Portal has two functions, Real Time Earnings and Cash Out. ‘The Cash Out element gives artists greater control over their money by providing them with the ability to request a withdrawal of all, or part, of their payable balance, and there are no hidden fees or charges that are incurred when doing so.’

The Sony Artist Portal App is available on both iOS or Google Play making it easier for their artists to access the different functions and data. Technological innovations, created for relevant times, is what will drive and reinvent the face of different industries and in this instance, the music industry. Ultimately, you always have to reinvent yourself in light of various challenges, this is no different.