Spotify launches Premium Family plan in South Africa

Spotify has finally launched its Premium Family plan in South Africa. Family members under the same roof can now enjoy up to 6 Premium accounts, for R99.99 a month. With separate accounts, everyone can now enjoy their own music and podcasts without having to take turns.

Premium Family provides each member with their own individual Spotify account, which means that each user sharing the subscription will have their own saved music, podcasts, playlists, and recommendations.

“Since Spotify was first introduced locally, it has been exploring ways to introduce new content, features and plans to add value to its users and while the rollout comes during a difficult climate, Spotify hopes families will find the new plan useful, especially while many parents and children are home”, the Company said.

Additional Premium Family features includes: 

  • Family Mix: Access to a personalised playlist with songs sourced from all users sharing the subscription. IT updated regularly, and you can control who is in each session to optimise your family’s favourite shared listening moments. #ItsAFamilyAffair
  • Parental Controls: Set explicit content filters for your  younger family members so you’re always in charge of what they can – and what they can’t – hear
  • Family Hub: A single portal for billing users to manage family members, parental controls, and other account information.
  • No interruptions: Offline playback and ad-free, high-quality audio streaming playlists


To get started, visit, follow the steps to create your Premium Family account, and invite family members you live with.

For existing individual Premium subscribers, they can switch to Spotify Premium Family by visiting their account page and changing their subscription. Users who haven’t tried Premium before are eligible for the first month of Spotify Premium Family for free.

Fun fact:  According to a recent study conducted by Spotify, showed that 98% of parents say they listen to music together as a family, with nearly 59% indicating they listen together daily.