Facebook prepares to add Messenger Rooms to WhatsApp

‘Zoom’ must be something of a curse-word at Facebook HQ  in the present day – as thanks to national lockdowns and the need to connect virtually, internet giants such as Google, Microsoft, and even Apple have begun to tout their messaging platforms in a global tug-of-war.

Facebook fired its own foray into expanded group chat earlier this year with the addition of Rooms – an extension of its Messenger service which enables hosts to set up mass meetings with up to 50 invitees. The feature was positioned in a bid to sever the influence of free platforms such as Zoom, and now Facebook is preparing to combine its best efforts to promote Rooms even further.

As spotted by WABetaInfo, a new beta release for WhatsApp’s mobile application on iOS and Android includes the ability to quickly create and launch a Messenger Rooms meeting directly from Facebook’s darling messaging app.

According to the release, a tappable button in the shortcut menu will house the option to set up a Rooms meeting, whereafter selecting the option users will be directed to Messenger, where they’ll be able to finalise their meeting. The newfound presence of Rooms within WhatsApp is further a unique tool in Facebook’s arsenal to onboard users onto its new service, given Rooms users don’t need a pre-existing Facebook account.

According to indications, the feature will first be made available to users in the United States, whereafter it will rollout globally. Though the quantifiable impact is difficult to determine, the move will likely only bolster the presence of Facebook’s newest feature. Previously, users could share Rooms invites through their News Feed, Groups, and Events.

What are your thoughts? Would the option of setting up a Rooms meeting through WhatsApp make you more likely to use the feature? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.