Tinder to launch live in-app trivia

Dating apps have changed significantly in recent years and many are evolving into fully fledged social media platforms, including Tinder. They aim to drive more engagement and therefore entice users to spend more time in-app instead of going elsewhere. Tinder will soon be launching a live in-app trivia game and has commenced with limited testing.

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“Similar to our first digital shared experience offered on Tinder, Swipe Night, we plan to bring more of these activities to Tinder in the future,” the company said in a statement. “However, these concepts are only a test and may never launch. We look forward to providing more information when it’s available.”

We don’t know how many Tinder users will be able to test this new feature or in which markets it will become available first. It will deliver live video while the service is matching people up. The game, at least in the testing phase, will be played by a group of people who can broadcast live. It will also have a live chat feature built in.

It’s unclear how long the tests will last, but it is expected that the company will make several big changes as it learns from testing behaviour to optimise the experience.

As mentioned, the company has long tried to drive engagement with more interactive experiences on the platform, with video being the spearhead differentiator.

The aforementioned Swipe Night was such a venture, which has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is a weekly video series that was based on the nostalgic choose-you-own-adventure format. Users could then match up during these ‘episodes’, giving them more information to make potential matches.

The first season of Swipe Night had “millions” of users engaged, according to the company, and it increased matches on the app by 26 percent for those that participated.

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