Cool apps to keep your kids entertained while learning

It’s tough to keep your kids entertained while making sure they learn especially when confined indoors, luckily there are specific apps for that. Being home-bound is the new normal for most of us and for those that have kids this becomes even more of a mission while trying to juggle them, work, house chores and more. And despite word from the Department of Education yesterday, various lingering questions and uncertainty still remains.

This goes without saying but we’re lucky to be well into the digital age where we can count on many things to assist us with one of these being our smartphones. One of the leading manufacturers that have perfected the art of producing them is Huawei. They assure us that their AppGallery enables you to keep doing many of the things you’re used to doing, but in a different way.

With many kids not yet able and ready to go back to school, some (schools) have resorted to distance learning, with the assistance of virtual teaching and parent tutoring, while others are simply not able to offer that service. Luckily, as mentioned earlier, there are apps that can assist and thanks to Huawei here are a couple of apps that you can use to keep your kids entertained while learning at the same time:

D6 School Communicator App

 The “D6 School Communicator” app enables better school-parent communication. As a parent, you can easily stay in touch with the school with just a few swipes. D6 School Communicator provides homework, news, events, as well as other useful resources.

Jellipop Match App                                                                       

The “Jellipop Match” app is a casual, match-3 puzzle game with missions to be fulfilled on each fascinating level. The app has sugary-sweet graphics and smooth controls so it’s fun for children – they won’t even know they’re learning while playing!

Kahoot! App 

There’s also the “Kahoot!” app – a game-based learning platform with multiple-choice quizzes that make it fun to learn subjects for all ages.

No doubt being home-bound is definitely being made easier by our mobile devices. Our smartphones have proven invaluable in keeping us productive and sane. Indeed, a lot can still be accomplished during this uncertain period. With mobile platforms such as Huawei’s AppGallery, you can also make the staying at home experience a much better one for you and your children.

Image credit – @charlesdeluvio