LG to launch a new brand on May 15, replacing G series

After years of experimentation and trying to break into the mainstream of flagships, LG is finally throwing in the towel. Initially we learned that LG will be changing up its G series of smartphones – they’ll no longer be flagships. Latest reports indicate that they will, in fact, be dropping the series altogether in favour of a new brand to be launched on May 15th.

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The expectation is that their V series will remain, taking up the mantle of the main flagship in their range. Unfortunately, we’ll be losing the G series to the annals of history, even though they brought us some of our favourite devices over the last decade. The new brand is expected to have premium build with slightly lower specification internals compared to flagships.

LG held product briefing sessions with three Korean telco companies, where they shared details like launch date, key differences to the G line-up as well as the fact that these devices will be fully compatible with their 5G infrastructure. They will be running the latest Snapdragon 7 series chipsets.

This opens up the possibility for much more aggressive pricing than we saw with the LG G8X (which we reviewed positively), which was already reasonably affordable for what you got out of the box.

Rumoured pricing for the new range of devices sit at around the $700 price mark, which is not too bad considering flagships cost upward of $1,400 these days.

The most important question is how LG are going to position these devices and how it will differentiate itself in a very crowded mid-range segment of the market. They are probably also rethinking their design language (hence the new brand name) as the G series never really inspired people. It was a very safe, simple design that never resonated with the consumer – something LG will have to change with its new range.