Samsung Display to stop production of LCD displays

When liquid crystal displays (LCD) hit the market, it brought about a new era of TV panel technology. That era is very much coming to an end, even though modern LCD displays are a lot better than in years past. OLED displays are taking over at the top end, and the more affordable screen technology is also moving away from LCD. To that end, Samsung Display has decided to stop producing LCD panels in China and North Korea by the end of the year.

They will rather concentrate their efforts on the new generation of ‘quantum dot’ (QD) screens. All LCD offers made before the end of the year will still be manufactured and fulfilled.

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In 2019 Samsung Display made their intentions clear, announcing a $11 billion investment into a new production plant that can manufacture their quantum dot light emitting diode (QLED) displays. These, unlike LCD displays, can illuminate themselves and don’t need an additional backlight.

A lot of research and development have gone into the new technology and enough progress has been made that the company is confident in replacing its aging LCD technology. Burn-in was a particularly big problem with the QLED displays up until now, but that seems to have been sorted out. The new displays will also be made from less toxic and more recyclable materials. The new tech relies on indium phosphide instead of toxic cadmium and has a lifetime of up to a million hours.

This massive investment from Samsung Display will be spread over five years, converting the South Korean LCD production lines to be able to handle projected demand for the QLED TV’s.

Samsung and LG are still at the forefront of the TV markets and pushing each other to innovate and bring the best possible viewing experience. Who wins out at the end of the day is still up in the air.