Coronavirus fears see tech giants instruct employees to work from home

As the globe dips into utter pandemonium amidst the spread of the Coronavirus, big technology companies such as Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Google have instructed their employees to rather work from home than work from company office spaces. This, amidst the cancellation of tech forums such as Facebook’s F8, SXSW, and Mobile World Congress amongst others, has continued to put strain on the industry as fears surrounding the spread of the virus worsen.

Earlier this year, supply chain analysts posited that leading device manufacturers may also feel the proverbial pinch, as supply chain disruptions in China would affect their ability to produce and ship new hardware in time for their scheduled releases. One early casualty may well be Apple’s iPhone 9 (read: SE 2), which was due for an official reveal some time this month.

Now, technology giants have resolved to adjust their operations to slow the spread of the virus. Twitter specifically has asked its 5,000 of its employees to work from home, and the company has mandated that employees in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan must not return to their workspaces at all. More recently, Google has halted all international travel and has instructed its employees based in Seattle to work from home.

At the time of writing, 110,837 coronavirus cases have been reported, amounting to 3,873 – a mortality rate of 3.5%. 263 air travel restrictions have been placed, affecting some 8.5% of all the world’s airports.

While coronaviruses themselves aren’t new, COVID-19, the newest and novel form of the virus itself, has caused panic in both media circles and financial markets alike. Popular tech stocks were largely down, with Google trading in the red at -1.56%, Twitter at -4.31%, and Apple at -1.32%.

The US CDC (Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention) have argued that while the COVID-19’s mortality rates are low despite a high rate of infection, global citizens should take care by ensuring good hygiene and washing their hands regularly.