WhatsApp dark mode is now available on iOS and Android

Not only has many apps included a dark mode feature, it has now been baked into the latest versions of Android and iOS as standard. That being said, not all apps work with the feature as of yet and the developers need to include it in their apps themselves. To that end, WhatsApp dark mode is also now an option, on both Android and iOS.

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This feature has become so ubiquitous that many developers now feel pressure to include it whether they’d like to or not. Of course, there are marked advantages of having such a feature. It causes less strain on the eyes, as people stare at their screens more and more. It is also good for battery life – the dark tones of the display use less juice than whites and bright colours.

Don’t expect your WhatsApp experience to be any different with WhatsApp dark mode enabled, as you would expect. It simply allows you to use a darker theme, leaving all other features untouched. The chosen colours fall in line with what the two operating systems use as default with their internal dark modes, and there are a couple of UI tweaks to make sure you see the important information you need to.

You can make the desired change under the system settings of your OS, selecting WhatsApp specifically, on both Android 10 and iOS 13. If you are on Android 9 you can do it manually in the app via the WhatsApp Settings menu, then selecting the Chats options, followed by Theme, and finally Dark. It should hit your device via an app update within the next couple of days, depending on your geographic location.

While the battery improvements on an app to app basis have been negligible, it seems that a system wide Dark Mode has had some improvements to longevity on both operating systems.