Samsung adds period tracking to its Health app

Health tracking apps are ever expanding their capabilities in trying to make your healthy lifestyle as easy as possible to track. Samsung has finally added period tracking to its Health app, a feature that’s been available on Apple, Garmin, Fitbit and a plethora of third-party apps.

It has become a reliable and useful feature for many women around the world, and with Samsung devices in so many hands around the world, the feature has never been more inclusive. It isn’t understood why Samsung took so long to add this feature (as they have been right at the forefront with their fitness trackers for years), but it is better late than never. It will become available in an upcoming update, which adds a new women’s health category and allows users to track their menstrual cycles.

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According to long time users of this feature on other devices, the effectiveness of fertility and period tracking apps depends on what you’re using it for. For simply predicting when your next period will start, the apps use past cycle data and can be helpful. It gets a little trickier when you start using the apps to conceive.

Samsung have been slow to innovate in the wearables and tracker space in recent years. Others have caught up and mostly passed them in the space as Samsung decided to focus its efforts on its ever expanding smartphone range.

While the Galaxy Watch Active has done relatively well and continually brought new features through software updates, most of those has been in response to what the competitors are doing rather than innovative. We are expecting Samsung to release a new wearable soon that will fit alongside the new Galaxy S20 flagship range, but we aren’t sure when this will be yet.