Microsoft’s new mobile Office app combines Word, Excel and Powerpoint

There is a major change coming to the new mobile Office app from Microsoft. Interestingly, the company has decided to combine Word, Excel and Powerpoint into a new mobile Office app. This is meant to streamline the process of using separately or linking between the different apps.

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The new app is now a central hub for Microsoft to showcase all of the new features it has been gradually adding to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in recent months. There’s a prominent actions section that includes the ability to transfer files from your computer to a phone, convert images into text or tables, scan pictures into PDFs, and even scan QR codes. These features were a lot more difficult to get to in previous version of the app and Microsoft believes that they will be used a lot more on mobile devices.

Other than the new mobile Office app, Microsoft has also unveiled a new design for the Office logo. Calling it their Fluid Design logo, the new overarching Office logo is a more colourful version of the flat orange icon the company has been using in recent years. It’s included as part of this Office for iOS and Android app, and it will be used elsewhere across and Microsoft’s other Office apps in the coming months.

You can test the new apps from this week, which will be available for preview at the time publishing. You can sign of for the test on Android here, and on iOS here.