Facebook unveils a brand new logo for use in Instagram, WhatsApp

In what must be the closest move to putting a bandaid on an amputation, Facebook today has unveiled a new logo (or set of logos) designed to denote its presence across its product suite, and in particular its two darling applications – Instagram and WhatsApp.

Earlier this year, Facebook (the holding company, rather than the social network itself) revealed that it would start to brand its acquisitions as part of a bid to express its ownership of various different products to customers and potential users more clearly. While many of us thought that this would likely be limited to simple textual messages or perhaps an updated title in relevant app stores, the social media juggernaut has gone one step further.

The firm’s new wordmark, embellished in a custom font and now sporting a delicious combination of upper case letters, is designed to take on the green brand hue of WhatsApp as well as the purple-orange tint of Instagram. The end result is a title that’s about as adaptable as a sloth, but gets the point across nonetheless.

As a Facebook representative issued in a comment, the brand change “is a way to better communicate our ownership structure to the people and businesses who use our services to connect, share, build community and grow their audiences.”

The new wordmark will also be found across Facebook’s newly-announced range of Portal smart devices, as well as its range of Oculus VR headsets. The firm hasn’t explicitly clarified whether it plans to update its core social network with the logo as well, though the company has confirmed that the workmark’s full rollout will commence within the coming weeks.

As a company representative confirmed, “We started being clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook years ago, adding a company endorsement to products like Oculus, Workplace and Portal. And in June we began including “from Facebook” within all our apps. Over the coming weeks, we will start using the new brand within our products and marketing materials, including a new company website.”

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