Face-swapping app Zao goes viral and immediately triggers privacy scandal

It seems that these kind of apps are a dime a dozen these days. What sets Zao apart is its use of AI to uncannily put your face into live scenes from movies and TV shows. This app launched on the Chinese version of iOS App Store on August 30th and immediately went viral.

Now, however, Zao is already embroiled in a privacy scandal. According to Bloomberg, an early version of Zao’s user agreement gave the developer Changsha Shenduronghe Network Technology some interesting rights if you use the app. The company will have “free, irrevocable, permanent, transferable and relicense-able” rights to all user-made content.

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After this broke, the company quickly changed its user agreements and terms and agreements and said that the app would only use imagery to improve the Zao product. It also said that it would delete material from the server if it was deleted from the app on the user’s device.

With users all the wiser to their online privacy these days, users of the app trashed Zao via the App Store ratings system after the story broke. Additionally, the Chinese government noted that it would investigate after the software allegedly violated “certain laws and standards.”

It’s obvious that data privacy has become massively important to users in a very short period of time. That being said, they still won’t read the terms and conditions themselves and wait for stories like this to break before making their ‘informed’ decisions about a service.

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