The Oppo Waterfall Screen eliminates side bezels altogether

Even though the year has been extremely disappointing for foldable smartphones thus far, that doesn’t mean manufacturers aren’t able to make progress in other areas. The all-screen, notchless revolution is still moving at breakneck speed and Oppo have been at the forefront. The Oppo Waterfall Screen is meant to push this even further, which the Chinese company revealed today.

It features an aggressive 88-degree fold on both the left and right sides. Practically speaking this means the bezels are invisible when viewing the device from the front. From the images, it does give the device it’s housed on a premium look.

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According to Oppo, “n immersive visual experience and innovative aesthetic” is coming soon, presumably in its next flagship device. The Oppo Waterfall Screen does seem to incorporate some software features, although we’re not sure how this will work or what it can do as of yet.

Oppo hasn’t shared any details regarding release dates or specs, but the expectation is of course flagship specs and flagship prices. Furthermore, they didn’t share any further details regarding the durability of that display, what it is coated with or if it will survive drops and falls any better or worse than other smartphone displays.

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