The Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer will help you perfect your recipes

Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer

Salter is a well-known kitchen brand and caters for every cook’s needs. To that end, they launched the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer, a stylish and compact Bluetooth enabled thermometer injecting some smarts into your cooking experience.

The sleek white plastic body is linked to two probes – one for food temperature and another for the ambient over temperature. It has been designed to cope with temperatures ranging from -25 degrees to 250 degrees C. The body also includes a magnetic back so that you can easily attach it to your oven, cooker or braai.

Once you connect your Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer to your smartphone or tablet you’ll soon see how well thought out this device is. The free Salter Cook app (for iOS and Android) is slick, easy to use and comes with a range of built-in recipes with easy-to-follow instructions and colourful pictures to inspire you. They have also started integrations with other popular recipe sites worldwide.

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Once you choose a recipe the app will automatically set the right temperature and cooking times on your thermometer. The LED lights of both probes indicate when the food or over temperature reaches the right level, according to that recipe. It also includes timer options, if you aren’t interested in linking directly to a pre-set recipe.

The versatility of being able to use it every night in the kitchen when rushing to prep dinner or over weekends at the braai when you’re having a good time with friends and have no need to rush sets it apart from most other smart kitchenware devices. At the given price point it should be on any gadget-lover or foodie’s shopping list, as it won’t blow the budget either.

Is the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer a device you would consider adding to your braai paraphernalia? Let us know in the comments below.