Google’s Clock app now integrates with YouTube Music

Though Google’s stock-replacement Clock app might be one of its most simple offerings available in the Play Store, it’s quickly become one of my favourites for the simple reason that it integrates with Google’s broader product suite in a number of clever ways.

Up to now, users have not just been able to set alarms, manage stopwatches or set timers, but further assign custom Google Assistant routines when an alarm is triggered. That means that when an alarm sounds, you can set a range of pre-configured actions to take place – from music playback, to smart home control, news updates, or one can even get a quick outline of the weather for the day ahead.

In a new move, Google has now intertwined its Clock app with YouTube Music – it’s sort-of-but-really-but-kind-of – replacement for Google Play Music. This means that instead of having to set up a ringtone or another stock sound as one of your alarm favourites, YouTube Music (read: Google Play Music) subscribers are now able to select a range of different playlists or songs that will stream directly to their device once an alarm sounds.

It’s a neat trick, and is yet another sign of a well-thought-out execution amongst Google’s own apps. Interestingly, the company appears to have pivoted of-late in a bid to take its own array of stock apps more seriously. Google’s own Messages app, for example, recently allowed users to access their SMS’ from the web in the same manner that one might user WhatsApp on a desktop PC.

This might yet represent another push to simplify the dizzying array of options available when it comes to setting up a new Android smartphone – particular when using Android Go or newer builds of the operating system – which will be welcome news to those of us who have long suffered the duplicate stock apps available on smartphones hailing from the likes of Huawei and Samsung.

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