Smart home devices that will help you lower your energy use

Giving your home a high-tech makeover can make it a fun place to be. Before you know it, you’ll be living the sci-fi life where your washing machine speaks to you and a robot assistant cleans the house. But keeping your home on the cutting edge is more than just for your pleasure and delight; it’s also about scaling back your utility bills.

With energy efficiency continuing to be a hot topic globally, smart home manufacturers are offering more “green” devices than ever before. With the help of Pam Golding Properties, we’ve come up with ways to dress your living spaces in smart features while energy proofing your home at the same time.

Smart sockets

Appliances that we normally switch off but leave plugged in (mobile phone chargers, DVD players, TVs, gaming consoles) secretly devour more energy than those we actively use. A smart power plug can detect when a plugged-in device has entered a low-powered sleep mode or is off, and automatically cuts off the energy supply to this device. These outlets can also be scheduled via a smartphone to power off automatically each night, then turn back on every morning.

Smart thermostat

With an intelligent heating and cooling system you can keep your home at a comfortable room temperature through the varied South African seasons, while helping to keep your energy bill low. Smart thermostats take matters into their own hands. They can remember the temperatures you prefer and set themselves accordingly to shake off the winter chill or summer heat. They are also capable of switching themselves off when you’re out of the house to prevent heating or cooling an empty home.

Smart light bulbs

Smart lighting will help you use energy efficiently and is one of the simplest tech upgrades to make around the home. You can use up to 80% less energy than you would with an incandescent light bulb, without compromising on brightness or quality. Smart bulbs can be connected directly to your wifi and controlled from your smartphone; they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well. Some even have RGB features, which means they can produce a broad array of colours, enabling you to create an ambiance to match any occasion or mood.

Smart home security camera system

The standout features of some smart cameras is that they can run without wires and their batteries can last for up to two years. These cameras can be set up inside and outside your home, and are waterproof. They may come with built-in motion sensor alarms that send alerts to your smartphone, and they can capture video footage, storing it in a cloud. The cameras can be controlled remotely with an iOS or Android app.

They may not resemble the iconic smart home technology from the world of the Jetson family but these simple devices are a great start to a home that’s both tech savvy and eco-friendly. As more technologies catch up with the imagination, smart home companies are rolling out features that integrate seamlessly into the design of a house, which can even positively impact the property valuation of your home.