Google Assistant can now recognize songs, just like on the Pixel 2

Google Assistant has gained the ability to recognize songs playing in the background, similarly to the service found on the Google Pixel 2.

One of the Google Pixel 2’s more subtle – yet still stylishly cool – features is its ability to passively recognize popular songs playing in the background of certain environments; and now, a month after the debut of the handset, Google has added the same feature to Google Assistant.
From today, users around the world can task Assistant with identifying songs playing around them – all one needs to do is be relatively close to an audio source, trigger Google Assistant, and then request the digital assistant identify what song is playing.
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Assistant will then highlight a contextual card, showing the song, its creator, where it has been featured, and any awards attached to the title.
The update adds an oft-requested feature to the digital assistant, and the ability is one that will likely find a suitable home on Google’s Home series of smart speakers – including the standard model as well as the Home Mini and Home Max.

Google’s decision tweaks its digital assistant in a slightly more music-focussed direction – a possible parting shot at Apple, which is expected to launch its own Siri-powered smart speaker – the HomePod – in December this year.
The feature might result in popular music identification apps Shazam and SoundHound becoming less popular, given that song identification could become a ubiquitous feature on digital assistants in the near future.
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