Samsung files patents for an advanced wireless charging pad

Samsung has filed a new series of patents depicting a wireless charging pad that uses magnetic resonance and magnetic induction charging.

When Apple debuted the iPhone X alongside a raft of other products earlier this year, it did so with the revelation of AirPower – a wireless charging matt capable of powering multiple different devices. Now, Samsung has apparently followed suit through filing patent applications that reveal an advanced wireless charger.
To dive deep into jargon, Samsung’s newly patented wireless charger uses both magnetic resonance and magnetic induction charging – in layman’s terms, Samsung’s current charging pads leverage magnetic induction.
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Conventionally, wireless chargers using magnetic induction determine the device placed atop it and will select an applicable setting through which to charge a smart device’s batteries. Usually, this means that one needs to keep their smart device within 7mm of a charging pad.
Magnetic resonance, on the other hand, would enable one to place their smartphone further away from a charging pad – typically, one can charge their smart device while up to 45mm away from a charging pad. One might usually find this kind of charging pad embedded within a countertop or desk.
samsung wireless charging paten
Samsung’s filed patents reveal that the company is investing itself heavily in wireless charging technology – meaning that not only will we likely see an AirPower competitor in the next few months, but further that Samsung’s next crop of smartphones may continue to ship with glass backs in favour of plastic or metal, and its other smart devices – such as its wearables – may sport similar capabilities in the near future.
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What are your thoughts? Would the presence of a ‘smart’ wireless charging pad to rival AirPower convince you to hop aboard Samsung’s product portfolio? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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