Facebook will now display ads from physical stores you've visited

Facebook has unveiled new tools that will enable advertisers to market products and services to users based on the physical locations they’ve visited.

Amazon isn’t the only one leveraging brick-and-mortar stores for greater insight; Facebook today announced a new set of tools for advertisers which will enable marketers to reach consumers based on the previous visits and present locations.
Users who’ve given Facebook access to their smart device’s location services can now be targeted for location-based ads; meaning that for example one may, after a quick trip to Woolworths, see Woolworths marketing images across the length and breadth of the service.
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The news also means that consumers who’ve previously visited a store may be excluded from advertisements designed to attract new users.
The news isn’t strictly linked to location-based reporting; users may soon notice advertisements popping up from businesses that they’ve recently interacted with by way of Messenger or through a voice call. The bid is envisaged to build closer ties between Facebook users and the services they interact with.
The announcement is oddly timed, given that Facebook’s advertising platform is presently under a proverbial cloud thanks to new revelations that saw Russian-linked accounts purchase thousands of dollars worth of advertisements pointing towards fake news publications, and further advertisements that specifically targeted anti-Semites.
Users who don’t wish to be targeted by Facebook’s advertising tools, of course, have the ability to deactivate their location services within the app, though this may interfere with other functionality such as the ability to make check-ins to locations or access the service’s Nearby Friends feature.
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