Disney plans to abandon Netflix and launch its own streaming services

Disney has announced in its latest earnings report that it plans to pull all of its movies from Netflix and launch its own streaming service.

Disney and Netflix have previously enjoyed a partnership wherein the former’s content has been widely distributed on the latter’s platform, though this age could soon come to an end as Disney has announced its plans to develop its own standalone streaming service.
The announcement comes amidst the release of the company’s latest earnings report, and given an indication of what we’ll see in the near future – Disney has revealed its intent to launch an ESPN video streaming service for sporting events in 2018 followed by a channel for self-branded content in 2019.
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Disney hasn’t yet offered clarity as to when it plans to remove its content from Netflix – the two giants previously inked an initial deal in 2012 that only took root in 2016, wherein Netflix gained exclusive access to Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar films among other content.
Disney’s departure from the service will leave a sizeable void to fill;  the Disney’s expanding portfolio includes massive franchises such as Marvel’s cinematic universe and the Star Wars saga, and ongoing entries in either series will be exclusive to the company’s own service come 2019.
The news may upend the plans of other technology giants to launch their own platforms; Apple has been rumoured for several years to be negotiating deals to launch its own Apple TV-styled service, though the company has mostly offered video content through Apple Music in the interim period. The absence of Disney’s content will likely leave a void in Apple’s future plans.
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It remains to be seen how the firm will endeavor to release its streaming service, and how the massive firm will structure its (presumptive) subscription fee.
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