Apple's iPhone sales stagnate ahead of the reveal of this year's anniversary model

Apple’s Q3 financial results have revealed that the company has sold fewer iPhones – which CEO Tim Cook has attributed to excitement about future products.

The release of Apple’s quarterly financial results aren’t just a noteworthy tease for investors – the company’s postings are usually an excellent gauge of how the public percieves the firm’s products, and consumer decision to buy into existing releases or hold over for something new and exciting.
With the release of Apple’s Q3 results yesterday, one such trend is evident – Apple has sold far fewer iPhones as rumours and leaks continue to build massive anticipation around the release of a purported anniversary iPhone model dubbed either the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition.
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Apple yesterday reported that it managed to sell some 41.03 million iPhones during its third quarter – defying Wall Street’s posted expectation of 40.7 million handsets. While that’s an increase of 2% year-over-year, the amount marks a 19% quarter-on-quarter decrease.
During Apple’s earnings call, company CEO Tim Cook himself attributed the dip in sales to levels of anticipation surrounding the company’s next handset, commenting that “We believe there is a pause, but that probably bodes well for the future.”
While Cook remained tight-lipped on the eventual release of an anniversary model, the CEO did give a slight tease – indicating that “…the smart phone is becoming even more important to people because it’s going across so much of your life and you can tell by some of the things we did at WWDC that that will only continue… and with things like AR… I think it becomes even more essential than it currently is. I know it’s hard to believe, but I think that’s the case.”
Interest in the iPhone traditionally peaks as we enter the latter half of the year, as Apple traditionally leverages as September event to debut a new iPhone model and iOS update in tandem. This year remains significant as the ten year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ introduction of the original iPhone, and expectation stands that Apple will reveal a special version of the handset to the public at some point before the close of the year.
Speculation remains rampant as to whether Apple will proceed to unveil a special edition iPhone as a standalone entry, or whether the company has any plans to reveal an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus pairing.
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