Samsung will recover 157 tonnes of rare metals from recycled Note 7s

Samsung has announced that it has greenlit its ‘recycle Note 7’ project, and intends to reclaim some 157 tonnes of rare materials from the fallen phablet.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 proved to be an unmitigated disaster, and in the wake of its fiery end many have been left to consider not just the financial hole punched through Samsung’s wallet, but the recalled phablet’s impact on the environment.
When Samsung formally recalled the Galaxy Note 7 for the second and final time, it did so with the promise that it would look to recycle the handset through an environmentally-friendly process. The first step in doing so has been release of the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition, which now re-sells the phablet with a smaller (and safer) battery.
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Secondly, Samsung committed to recycle the components that formed the handset – and now it has greenlit its plans to reclaim some 157 tonnes of rare material such as gold, copper, and cobalt from the phablet, including the OLED display panels and camera sensors found aboard the device.
Samsung has confirmed that these components will be re-used in the future, making for a happier end to the Note 7 debacle.
Electronic devices produce an enormous amount of waste when discarded – and form one of Japan’s leading sources of waste. The country recently announced a new initiative to obviate this – calling on citizens to donate their old electronics for harvesting, wherein gold, silver, and bronze would be used to forge 2020 Olympic medals.
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